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Online Events

Exercise and chat from the comfort of your own home

Our online events started during the 2020 COVID pandemic and attract people from around the world as well as from across Ireland.

Giving the opportunity to people to meet up even when they can’t get together in person. The classes proved to be very popular and some have continued albeit on a less frequent basis, others will return in the dark evenings.

Choose from a 30 minute exercise class or a more relaxing coffee and chat with guest speakers, it’s a great way to keep in touch. The classes need to be booked through our booking page in order to receive the link to ZOOM.

Stretch 'n' Flex

A 30 minute class suitable for all levels of fitness. The class will help you to improve flexibility, strength and balance all important to ensure you get the best from your walking. Held every second week.

Returning in the winter.

Walk Fit

A 30 minute class where you let your imagine work as you will be taken on a journey through, forests, uphills or along beaches. a great way to add to your step count for the day.

Returning in the winter.

Nordic Natter

Grab a coffee and join us at Nordic Natter where we have chance to catch up with a coffee and listen to invited guest speakers about all things health and walking.

Returning in the winter.