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What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is a low-impact, full-body exercise that combines walking with the use of specially designed poles. Originating from Finland, this activity engages your upper body, core muscles, and lower body, providing a complete workout while reducing strain on your joints. It’s an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, tone muscles, and enjoy the great outdoors.

It is now a recognised way to turn a walk into whole-body exercise. It can be enjoyed at many levels, from walking for health to athletic Nordic running. 


More than 10 million people globally enjoy this outdoor activity all year round with an overall goal of achieving general physical and mental well being.

Learn to Nordic Walk

We have classes to suit all levels of fitness and currently have classes in Clare, Kildare and Dublin. More locations will be added soon as we increase our instructor network.

Whichever class you choose you will be using 90% of your muscles, improve you cardio vascular fitness, burn more calories, improve your posture and help your mental wellbeing all while walking.

You will be introduced to the benefits of Nordic walking and look at the difference between hiking, trekking, Exerstrider, stability and Nordic poles and the benefits each offer.

We will demonstrate the increased benefits of Nordic poles.

You will start to learn the technique of using Nordic poles to propel you forward as you walk while taking load of your legs. Gaining forward propulsion from the poles by engaging the correct upper body muscles, understanding correct posture gait and co-ordination.

Following the lesson, we will spend time  to answer questions and discuss how you can continue your walking fitness journey through our ongoing classes, courses, Events or Nordic challenges.

Group & Individual Classes

We provide both group & individual classes.

In our group classes (no more than 10 people), participants have the opportunity to engage with others who share a common interest in improving their fitness levels while enjoying the outdoors. Our experienced instructors guide the group through correct Nordic walking technique and provide personalised attention to ensure that each participant is able to maximize their benefits from the activity.

Additionally, we offer individual Nordic Walking classes for those who prefer a more tailored approach to their fitness journey. Our instructors work closely with individuals to develop personalised training plans, taking into consideration their specific goals, fitness levels, and any existing health concerns. 

By offering both group and individual classes, we strive to provide a comprehensive Nordic Walking experience that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of our clients, ultimately empowering them to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

2 Hour Fast Track Learn to Nordic Walk

Our 2-hour Fast Track Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the Nordic walking technique for those who are short on time or living some distance from the venue.

This class is suitable for anyone who can comfortably walk 2K unaided. 

Min: 4 people

Max: 10 people


4 Week Course

Our Sitter2Fitter 4-Week Nordic Walk Class  is designed to suit all levels of fitness and provide a fun, inclusive experience for everyone.  Over the course of four weeks, our experienced and certified Nordic walking instructors will guide you through a progressive programme that covers all aspects of this unique exercise form. Each session will last approximately one hour and will consist of a blend of theory, technique instruction, and practical outdoor walks including exercises for strength, balance and flexibility. Read more…. 

Min: 6 people

Max: 10 people

1:1 Lesson

Our Nordic walking individual lessons provide personalised guidance and instruction for enthusiasts looking to improve their technique and fitness. These one-on-one sessions focus on assessing the individual’s needs and goals, teaching correct form and technique, incorporating advanced elements, and promoting mindfulness and relaxation.

With the instructor’s expertise and tailored advice, participants can optimise their Nordic walking experience and reap the physical and mental benefits it offers.

These classes are ideal for individuals with long term health conditions who feel they are unable to keep up with a group.

Free 30 minute Taster

Experience the exhilaration of Nordic Walking with a free 30-minute taster session! 

If you are undecided about if Nordic walking is for you why not join or 30 minute taster? Attending a Nordic walking taster session can be a fantastic opportunity to discover a unique and rewarding physical activity that offers a multitude of benefits.