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Nordic Fit Club™

What is Nordic Fit Club™?

Nordic Fit Club, is where fitness meets community in the invigorating world of Nordic Walking! Our  Membership is designed to enhance your Nordic walking experience, providing a host of benefits that promote both physical well-being and a sense of camaraderie.

Membership Benefits:

Discount on Poles: Enjoy exclusive discounts on high-quality Nordic walking poles available at the Nordic Fitness Ireland Shop. Elevate your Nordic walking gear with top-notch equipment designed for efficiency and comfort.

Discounts on Classes: Enjoy exclusive discounts on classes and courses. Class discounts are currently only available with Joanne & Tony. 

Special Promotions: Stay stylish and geared up with our special promotions on branded merchandise. Access exclusive deals on Nordic Fit Club apparel and other merchandise to showcase your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Events Access: Be the first to know about and participate in exciting Nordic walking events. Whether it’s a scenic walk, a fitness challenge, or a community gathering, our Members receive priority access and exclusive invitations.

Free Walks with Community Groups: Connect with like-minded individuals and join invigorating walks led by our Nordic Walking Skills Leaders, trained professionals who ensure that each walk is not only enjoyable but also an opportunity for skill refinement, providing tips and guidance to enhance your Nordic walking experience and advising when you would benefit from additional training from one of our qualified instructors. These community walks offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills, share experiences, and foster a sense of belonging within the Nordic Fit Club community.

How do I join?

To join click on your membership option below.

Membership Options

Join in January and enjoy a FREE Nordic Fitter course with Premium membership (half price with standard membership)

Standard Membership

1 Year
  • 5% Pole Discount
  • 50% off Online Classes
  • Special Promotions

Premium Membership

1 Year
  • 10% Pole Discount
  • Up to 50% off Classes & Courses with Joanne & Tony
  • FREE Online Classes
  • Special Promotions