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Burren Half Marathon

Challenge Yourself to Complete The Burren Half Marathon

The Burren Half Marathon takes place in May every year. At Nordic Fitness Ireland we can help you to achieve the goal of walking 21 kilometres across the spectacular Burren course.

Our instructors have run and walked numerous marathons and half marathons but understand that this is the first time for some. It can be daunting wondering how you go from walking 5-10K to walking a half marathon but we are confident you can do it. We can remember how that felt. Following our training programme we are confident you can complete the course.

Our calendar will include many of the walks and training sessions you need to include in your weekly programme. For the days we are not available you can meet up with others who are joining the challenge with you. It is always so much easier when you have the support of others.

Book Your Place

In order to take part in the Marathon you will need to book your place. Details for the 2024 event will be added when available.

How to Join Us

If you already Nordic Walk

1 Book your place on the half marathon.

2 Check out the programme below to see what you need to do.

3 Check the calendar and come along to classes and walks.

4 Join the What’s App group

If you need to learn to use Nordic poles

1 Give us a call and we can book you in for a lesson.

2 Purchase Nordic Poles. You will need your own poles to join our programme. We will help you to find the right poles for you

3 Follow steps 2-4 above

Training Plan

Following our training plan will help you to complete the half marathon in a safe & enjoyable  manner.

You will gradually increase the distance you walk over the 12 week programme. We have also included some strength training sessions which helps to prevent injury as well as helping you  to enjoy the experience rather than just getting around it and suffering with aches and pains for days after the event.

You need to complete the 4 days as outlined below. Many of the sessions will be on our calendar  but if there is not a session on at a time to suit you or there is not a session scheduled, check in on the What’s app group to see if there is someone to walk with. We can advise on routes for the long walk if we don’t have an scheduled.  one arranged 

On the ‘rest’ days consider either going for a gentle stroll, swimming, cycling or yoga. You are advised to have a rest day the day before your long walk

Not ready for a half marathon?

For those that want to experience this fabulous event but not quite ready for the half marathon, there is a 10K option too.