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    Start your own fitness based business

Start your own fitness based business

The Nordic Fitness Ireland instructor training programme, known as The Adaptive Approach to Nordic walking, is a comprehensive and innovative program developed by our Master Trainers, Joanne and Tony. Drawing upon their extensive training with the top Nordic Walking associations, including International Nordic Walking Association (INWA), Nordic Walking UK (NWUK), and Original Nordic Walking Federation  (ONWF), they have crafted a unique curriculum tailored to meet the specific health and fitness requirements of the Irish population. This programme not only equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become Nordic walking instructors but also offers a remarkable opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship. With a growing interest in Nordic walking and its numerous benefits, becoming an instructor through Nordic Fitness Ireland presents an exciting prospect for those looking to establish their own business in the fitness industry.

Already a fitness or health professional?

If you are already a fitness or health professfessional who is running their own business, then our 1 day Nordic Walking Skills Tutor course maybe just what you need to add another string to your bow.

Qualification Awarded

The programme provides essential materials, training, and practical experience, culminating in an assessment of their instructional abilities. Successful candidates receive a Certificate in Instructor Training, allowing them to competently teach Nordic Walking in Ireland.

Pre Requisites

To participate in this program, it is essential that you possess prior training in Nordic walking and have been consistently using Nordic poles for at least three months.

Kindly refer to our events page for information about our upcoming Learn to Nordic Walk classes.

The course is structured for people who are enthusiastic about starting their own business with the help and guidance of the experts at Nordic Fitness Ireland.

If you already run your own fitness or health business then check out our Skills Tutor Training.

Aims & Objectives

At the end of the course the participant will:

  • Know the history and origins of Nordic Walking.
  • Recognise the different types of walking poles.
  • Be able to choose the correct length poles for participants.
  • Understand the demographics & behaviours of the people who Nordic Walk.
  • Be able to manage group training.
  • Be able to instruct others in how to use Nordic poles correctly.
  • Recognise basic mistakes participants make and the methods in which to correct them.
  • Lead a warmup and stretch routine prior to and after classes.
  •  Know some simple exercises to improve, strength, flexibility, and balance.
  •  Know how to risk assess and lead a walk/ fitness class
  • Have basic knowledge of how to start a Nordic Walking business (a further 3 hour zoom or in person training session is available for more in depth knowledge and support at an additional cost)

Course Content

The Nordic Fitness Ireland Adaptive Approach to Nordic Walking Training, Instructor Training course is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become certified Nordic Fitness instructors. This course combines theoretical knowledge with practical training to ensure participants have a thorough understanding of Nordic walking techniques and teaching methodologies.

Throughout the course, participants will learn:

  1. Nordic Walking Techniques: Mastering the correct techniques, including posture, arm swing, stride length, and pole placement, to optimize the benefits of Nordic walking.
  2. Exercise Physiology: Understanding the physiological effects of Nordic walking on the body, including cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and overall health benefits.
  3. Teaching Methods: Learning effective teaching strategies, communication skills, and class management techniques to lead safe and engaging Nordic Fitness sessions for various participant levels.
  4. Safety and Injury Prevention: Identifying potential risks and implementing appropriate safety measures during Nordic walking sessions to ensure the well-being of participants.
  5. Equipment Knowledge: Familiarizing participants with different types of Nordic walking poles and accessories, their proper use, and maintenance.
  6. Business and Marketing Skills: Providing insights into establishing and promoting a successful Nordic Fitness instructor business, including client acquisition, pricing, and branding.

Duration and Course Dates

  • 2.5 Days.
  • Dates are provided throughout the year. Please contact us for next course.


Courses will be held in Co. Clare. Depending on demand courses may be offered in other counties.




  • Theory & Practical Training sessions
  • Training manual in electronic format
  • 1 year’s membership & license with Nordic Fitness Ireland
  • Access to private instructor members area on Nordic Fitness Ireland website
  • Access to private Nordic Fitness Ireland Instructors Facebook Group
  • Monthly Instructors ZOOM meeting
  • Preferential cost on pole purchases
  • Access to ongoing CPD modules (additional cost may apply)
  • Light refreshments (Tea, coffee, snacks)

Not Included:

Not included but essential for running a Nordic Fitness Club

  • 1 pair of Instructor poles supplied by Nordic fitness Ireland at preferential rates
  • 10 sets of Nordic Poles and carrying bag supplied by Nordic Fitness Ireland) (POA)
  • Insurance (Arranged by participant)
  • First Aid Training (Arranged by participant)

Optional training

  • Business set up training by Nordic Fitness Ireland

Not Included:

  • Travel to and from training venue
  • Accommodation
  • Meals