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Become a Nordic Walking Skills Leader

Introducing the Nordic Walking Skills Leader
Half Day Course:

Welcome to our Skills Leader Programme! This is the perfect solution for community walking groups who want to get more from their walks by using Nordic walking poles. Our comprehensive approach ensures that Nordic Walking Skills leaders are equipped to guide Nordic walking groups with expertise and advise when to get additional training, from one of qualified instructors, to enhance their Nordic walking experience

Comprehensive Training

After completing a 4-week Nordic walking training course led by one of our qualified instructors, participants progress to a half day course to become a Nordic Walking Skills Leader to enable them to lead their own Nordic walking groups.

The course focuses on group leadership, route planning, safety and recognising common errors when Nordic walking.

We keep theory to the minimum and get you out practising the skills you need to lead your groups safely.

Demonstrating Excellence

Skills Leaders showcase proficiency by demonstrating fundamental Nordic walking skills and adeptly identifying common errors within the group.

Group Leadership

Skills Leaders will develop abilities to effectively lead group walks for Nordic walkers.

Walk Safety

Skills Leaders will learn how to plan suitable routes and conduct risk assessments prior to leading walks to ensure the safety of all participants.

Guidance and Recognition

Skill Leaders are trained to recognise when group members may benefit from additional technique improvement training with a qualified instructor.

Your Trainers

Your initial 4 week Learn to Nordic Walk classes will be with one of our local qualified Nordic walking instructors and the Skills Leader online and 4 hour course will be with our Master Trainers Joanne & Tony who have decades of combined experience in the healthcare and fitness industries, Joanne and Tony bring a wealth of knowledge to the course.  Their expertise ensures a well-rounded learning experience.

Locations and Availability

Our Skills Leader Course takes place online  (1 hour) to cover the theory and in person (4 hours) for the practical. Location of the practical session will vary.

Join the Club

Embark on the Skills Leader Program with Nordic Fitness Ireland to elevate your Nordic walking journey and lead with confidence.

Get the most out of your new role and join our Nordic Fit Club to enjoy ongoing support, discounts on poles, half price on online classes and special promotions. Members of your group can join too to enjoy these great benefits for just €12 a year.