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Prevent pain & injury when you Nordic Walk

Warming Up & Stretching Using Nordic Walking Poles

We are often asked why include a warm-up at the start of our Nordic walking classes and walks and a series of stretches at the end. Let’s be honest it  would be quicker to just get on and do our walk and head home, however warm ups and stretches are essential elements to any exercise routine and here is why.

Warming Up

Warming up our joints and muscles prepares us for activity.

A proper warm up:

gradually increases the heart rate

prepares you mentally for exercise

increases blood flow to joints and muscles.

increases flexibility

mobilises & lubricates the joints ready for walking

During your lessons we will show you simple warm up exercises. We are in the process of creating videos of these but in the meantime we have borrowed some videos for you to try. Choose at least one warm up exercise for each area of the body.


Warm Up Exercises


Hips & Thighs

Back & Neck

Ankles & Knees


At the end of a walk it is important to do some static stretching. Before stretching cool down by walking at a slower pace to allow your heart rate to return to normal. Stretching can  be very relaxing, both physically and mentally. Stretching is most effective when you are in a relaxed and comfortable position. Take deep, slow breaths. There will be some mild tension while stretching, but don’t ever let it be painful. A little discomfort is ok, but pain is not. Hold each stretch for 15-20 seconds after a short walk. Increase this to 30 seconds after longer walks. Choose at least one stretch for each area of the body.

Benefits of static stretching: 

  • gives relief from cramping, 
  • improves the range of movement in the joints 
  • decreases the risk for injury  
  • decrease in delayed-onset muscle soreness. (DOMS)


Hips & Pelvis

Frequently Asked Questions

Nordic Walking can be performed on any surface, just about anywhere. On hard surfaces and pavements you need to use the rubber paws to protect the tips of your poles. on trails, grass and sand you will remove the rubber paws. During your lessons we will tech you how to do this as well as how to look after your poles. Read more…

 The British Dietetics Association recommends a weight loss 0.5 – two pound per week as a safe and realistic target for weight loss. If you are significantly overweight, Losing 5-10% of your body weight can have huge benefits on your health.   Completing an extra 10,000 steps each day typically burns about 2000 to 3500 extra calories each week. One pound of body fat equals 3500 calories, so depending on your weight and workout intensity, you could lose about one pound per week simply by completing an extra 10,000 steps each day. When you add Nordic poles to your walk you can burn up to 46% more calories than regular walking. You should also consider the other benefits of walking other than just weight loss. Read more….

We provide poles for all learning to Nordic Walk classes and have a limited number of poles available for hire for our walks. If you are going to walk on a regular basis with your poles we suggest purchasing your own and we can help you to choose the ones most suitable for you. 

Our Walk for Fitness programme aims to increase overall fitness for everyone who participates. People of all fitness levels can join our Nordic Poles 1 class. Following the class we will work with you to choose the right path for you depending on your fitness goals. 

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