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Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up when you’ve eaten a piece of cake or not achieved your 10,000 steps in the day. Put things in perspective and make those small changes to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Relax & enjoy

A talk by Registered Dietitian naomi Burke

It was a delight to welcome Naomi to our Nordic Natter on Saturday January 30th not only because she is our daughter but because she gave us an inspirational, motivating, evidenced based and practical talk on nutrition for women  50+.

You might expect a dietitian to be talking about counting calories, measuring BMI and eating lettuce leaves but this was not the case. 

As a highly qualified professional gaining a Master of Nutrition from Nottingham University, Naomi works as a community dietitian for the NHS. 

Not about weight management

Naomi explained the talk would not be focusing on weight management and promises of losing a stone in a month (not a healthy way to manage your weight), but instead focus on the bigger picture of how food fits in to your lifestyle and ways to make small changes to help to improve heart health, bone health, bowel health and manage symptoms of menopause. She told us of some simple changes that can be made such as increasing our plant based foods, increasing fibre, increasing the variety of foods we choose, only taking supplements that are required, (we should all be taking Vitamin D from October to March). Increasing our daily activity. Reducing salt but maintain flavour by adding herbs and spices. Checking with your GP or Registered Dietitian if we have concerns regarding our health.


Key Messages

  • The Irish food pyramid acts as a guide only to a balanced diet. 
  • Look at the bigger picture over the course of the week and not just what you eat on a daily basis.
  • Listen to your body when deciding what to eat. 
  • Do not look at food as being either good or bad. All food is to be enjoyed.
  • Do not feel guilty about eating cake – it can make you feel happy – enjoy.
  • Make small changes for long term gains.
  • Include regular activity that you enjoy in your day.      

Useful Links

British dietetic association Food Facts

Food Fact Sheets written by dietitians to help you learn the best ways to eat and drink to keep your body fit and healthy.

Dr Megan Rossi 

Dr Megan Rossi is a  Registered Dietitian & Research Fellow.

Her Facebook  page is to inspire and empower you to enjoy good gut health with fad-free information. Science-based. Easy to digest.

Dr Alan Desmond

Dr Alan Desmond is a Medical Doctor specialising in plant based nutrition for gut health.
He is the author of The Plant-Based Diet Revolution!:

spice, chiles, paprika

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