Hardcore Nordic

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Hardcore Nordic is the next level in Nordic Fitness. It includes Nordic Trail Running, Advanced Hill Technique and Extreme Nordic. These courses are advanced level training  in the use of Nordic poles for trail, mountain and ultra running as well as power walking.

More and more runners and walkers are using poles in mountain and trail races, many with poor technique and pole types which constrain performance potential. Our instructor, Tony, has direct experience in both trekking and Nordic poles across many ultra trail and mountain events and has demonstrated that good Nordic technique improves performance.

Following completion of the courses we are confident that you will:

1 Know about different pole types pros and cons and step change improved capability driven through using           Nordic pole methods and equipment.
2 Run and power walk efficiently at pace with Nordic poles.
3 Attack the big hill climbs and descents on trails efficiently and with a robust pace in an energy efficient and           structured way.
4 Deal with complex technical trail terrain effectively and know when to switch from Nordic pole and  trekking         pole methods and when to carry poles.
5 Converging and combining multiple techniques for Nordic pole running and walking to balance energy and         speed over Ultra distances.


Benefits Include: 

Improved pace ascending & descending hills

Controlled progress across technical trail and mountain terrain

Improved energy efficiency

Reduced likelihood of injury

More rapid recovery following events

Call us: 00353 (0)876936903


Nordic Running

Duration: 1.5 hours

You must complete  our Nordic Walking Foundation Course, Nordic Poles 1 before attending this course.

Once you have mastered the basics you will then move on to gradually increase pace to running using your poles in an efficient manner to help propel you forward with perceived less effort.

You must be able to run/walk 5k in 35 mins to attend this course

 Poles Provided

 Cost: €25 pp  

NB Can be arranged as a full day course with Advanced Hills & Trail

Advanced Hills & Trails

Duration: 2 hours

To attend this course you must have attended either Nordic Poles 1 or Nordic Running.

This course is suitable for both runners and hill walkers who want to learn how to use Nordic poles efficiently and effectively to propel them up and down hills swiftly and safely

 Poles Provided

 Cost: €30 pp 

NB Can be arranged as a full day course with Nordic Running


Extreme Nordic

Duration: Half Day

To attend this course you must have completed our Nordic Running and Advanced Hills & Trails courses

This course is ideal preparation for mountain and ultra trail events.

You will  learn how to move quickly across technical and hilly trail terrain and the day will include a 10K run in the Burren applying the techniques learned

You must be able to run half marathon distance to attend this course

Poles Provided

Cost: €50 pp 

NB: Can be arranged as a full day course with Nordic Running & Advanced Hills & Trails

Call us: 00353 (0)876936903

Call us: 00353 (0)876936903